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HCFR Colorimeter download

A calibration tool for video projectors and monitors


4.10 download

Display the weather for more than 50,000 locations worldwide


2018 download

Manage your collections and organize your data swiftly and easily

FanDraft Football

18.0 download

Perfect draft companion for your fantasy league's draft

PicApport for Mac and Linux

7.3.01 download

Easily access your images using a basic server


7.3.01 download

Easily access your images using a basic server


3.3.0 download

feel safer in your home, save energy and can enjoy lighting effects from cosy to Birthday Reminder

6.00 download

Never forget to congratulate your friends, colleagues and relatives again!

Dive Log Book

2.3.1 download

Keep a record of your diving expeditions with various technical data

Song Sheet

5 download

Song Sheet makes it simple to create lyric sheets with the chords you use.

PTraffic Pro

1.3.1 download

Schedule table editor includes browser applications to show different views.

Home Organizer Deluxe

4.12 download

Organizer for Home PC users, with several ready-to-use templates.

Meal Planning

3.2.3 download

Help you adjust ingredient portions and make a shopping list


2.9 download

MidNight - new horror haunted house


9.4.0 download

Will help you study for your amateur radio exams, and prepares sample exams.


4.2 download

WebElf - remote home control


2.3 download

VedMed - emits sleep noises for your dreams

OBD Auto Doctor

3.4.0 download

OBD Auto Doctor is the advanced OBD-2 software for Windows, Mac and Linux.


3.8 download

Movie Box download for iPhone, iPad, Androidand PC computers.

Windows Live Essentials 2012

16.4.3528 download

WLE includes free programs from Microsoft for photos, instant messaging, e-mail

Sports League

4.6.2 download

Designed in order to serve as an easy to use sports league management software

Weather Display

10.37S B45 download

View and chart your weather stations data in real time on your PC


2.2 download

Electron tube catalog application with characteristic drawer tool.


6.7 download

Provided by radiosondes that measure wind speed and direction

cydia mobi

1.1.28 download

cydia mobi app download and install for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch