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Easy Print Envelopes download

Organize your contacts and print professional looking envelopes

Del Escrime Inscrition

1.2 download

Allows manage insrciptions a fencing tournament

Del Badminton

1.0 download

Program for managing the composition of teams in badminton tournaments

Automatically Drag Without Holding Mouse Down Software

7.0 download

Automatically drag the mouse without holding the button down.

Lanmisoft Home Automation

3.6.1 download

Lanmisoft Home Automation - PC and web controlled relays and sensors

Aquarium Sand Depth Calculator

1.1 download

Calculates weight of sand needed for an aquarium to achieved a desired depth.


1.0 download

Create/Edit/Display/Management/Import/Export Trails/Routes on numerous maps

Built4 Pets

SA1.2 download

Multi-pets information management software to store health, shots, diets records

Built4 Crafts

SA1.2 download

Multiple craft management software to help you organize and create.

Built4 Recipes

SA1.2 download

Recipe management software to help you organize and get back to cooking.

Built4 Woodworking

SA1.2 download

Woodworking craft management software to help you organize patterns and create.


7.0.0 download

If you receive Email, then you know that friends like to share their Jokes.

Women Calendar

1.4 download

Calendar is designed to predict the date of cycles and pregnancy.


2.95 download

A program for amateur radio digital communications via a sound card.

My Clippings download

Access, export, convert and share Kindle highlights and notes on your computer.

GPS to vCard

1.2.0 download

Adding GPS coordinates to vCards - electronic business cards.


1.0 download

Software solution for tile mosaic masters. Creates work plans for tile mosaics.

PanGu Jailbreak

1.1.0 download

Download PanGu for untethered jailbreak any Apple deivice running iOS 7.1-7.1.1

Generate Random Japanese Names Software

7.0 download

Generate random Japanese male and female names.


3.4 download

Provides an enhanced betting interface to the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair

GymMaster Lite

4.3.1 download

A gym and health club membership software system

Garmin POI Loader

2.7.3 download

Allows you to load custom points of interest into your unit

ShippingExplorer download

Designed to provide ship tracking capabilities using the AIS

YAPS download

An easy to use network scanner that supports command line and GUI mode

Adobe EPUB DRM Removal

7.3.9 download

Adobe EPUB DRM Removal can help you read your adobe epub ebooks on many devices.