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SUNRISE Contacts

2019 2.2.2 download

... of notes. The software comes with built-in security features such as the ability to stop guest users from accidentally deleting and exporting records and modifying existing information; encryption/decryption of ...

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1.073 download

... from PC problems, while increasing the performance and security of their computer. TweakPower includes advanced performance optimizers, helping you achieve super-fast application load times, work faster and make ...

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Blackbird V6 download

Blackbird was designed to alleviate spending hours on tweaking your privacy settings by using some known and less-known techniques to fully disarm Windows without leaving behind even the smallest possible footprint. ...

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Linux Kernel

5.3 download

... is responsible for resource allocation, low-level hardware interfaces, security, simple communications, basic file system management, and more. Written from scratch by Linus Torvalds (with help from various developers), Linux is ...

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PC Matic download

... multiple programs to maximize the performance, stability and security of your system. With just one click, PC ... Matic now enables users to finally have both security and performance all in one product. Not one ...

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WSUS Offline Update

11.8.1 download

... contains the latest patches and the most recent security updates. Thereby, you can use the downloaded files ... include available service packs, updated versions of Microsoft Security Essentials, C++ Runtime libraries, the .NET Framework and ...

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Display Driver Uninstaller download

... to exclude the DDU folder completely from any security software to avoid issues. ...

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19.8 download

WinHex is a hexadecimal editor for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP with a lot of features: * Disk editor (logical & physical, supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and CDFS) * RAM editor - a ...

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Portable Spybot Anti-Beacon download

Portable Spybot Anti-Beacon is a reliable program designed to help you block tracker services and solve related issues in Windows 10. It can also help users of Windows 8 and Windows ...

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Spybot Anti-Beacon download

Spybot Anti-Beacon is a standalone tool which was designed to block and stop the various tracking (telemetry) issues present in Windows 10. It has since been modified to block similar tracking ...

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SUNRISE Contacts for Mac OS X

2019 2.0.1 download

... this product. The software comes with built-in security features such as the ability to stop guest users from accidentally deleting and exporting records and modifying existing information; encryption/decryption of ...

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Portable Wise Registry Cleaner

10.2.5 B685 download

... in the Professional Edition). FEATURES: Security Features: · Full Registry Backup/Restore · Create System Restore Point · Create undo data for each clean-up operation. Registry Utility ...

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Fortres 101

10.0 build 5836 download

The superior desktop security of Fortres 101 can easily lock down your ... for years and is voted the best desktop security software for Windows. Prevents unwanted downloads Fortres 101 is an innovative security agent that resides invisibly between the computer and ...

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2.5.213 download

Heimdal minimizes your exposure to malware on the Internet by patching the programs on your computer which the IT-criminals are exploiting to gain access to and control over your PC. Most ...

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Zero Install

2.16.7 download

... · Decentralised; anyone can distribute software · Security is central · You control your own computer · Conflict free - if two programs want the same version of a ...

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1.4 download

... to login to the remote system if your security credentials do not permit you to obtain performance counter information from the remote system. -u username If you want to kill ...

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1.35 download

You can determine who is using resources on your local computer with the "net" command ("net session"), however, there is no built-in way to determine who is using the resources of ...

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2.22 download

... if you are a system administrator concerned about security, a developer tracking down object-related problems, or just ... and will let you view and change object security information using native NT security editors. Installation ...

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PC Booster

3.6.9 download

You don't need to be a computer expert – simply let PC Booster do the work for you to identify why your PC might be running too slowly. While drivers ...

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ApkInstaller for PC

4.7 download

... Update Notification Installed app update notification Cloud Security Smart cloud security scanner ...

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Systweak Anti Malware

1.4 download

... it's essential to keep up on your Mac's security and protection on regular basis. Systweak Anti-Malware is a powerful security program designed for mac to efficiently identify and ... even the latest malware can bypass your machine's security. This robust deterrent not only shields your machine ...

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Disable Context Menu Items

1.0 download

Disable Context Menu Items - For security reasons disable context menu items from Windows Explorer ... Copy, Paste, Rename, Properties. Do you want for security reasons disable context menu items from Windows Explorer ...

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Advanced Identity Protector

2.1.1000.2362 download

... isn't enough. Users are required to take additional security measures in order to protect themselves from Identity ... and services are available for users to boost security and prevent digital theft. For such cases we ...

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Webroot System Analyzer download

Webroot® System Analyzer quickly pinpoints security, hardware, or software issues—identifying malware infections, flagging outdated drivers, and establishing a security baseline. Fast and accurate, you can run the ... Analyzer any time to assess the health and security status of the PCs in your environment. ...

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WriteProcessMemory Monitor

1.5 download

... malware or rootkit test environments to help the security researcher reverse analyze a piece of malware alongside other powerful tools. Features: Exclude System processes Monitor WriteProcessMemory Save logs ...

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